Recognition Process

The applicant NGB will formally apply to the Irish Sports Council for recognition as a NGB by making a submission with relevant supporting information. The submission will include a cover letter, a completed Application Form along with supporting documentation.

  • The ISC officers will process the application and present the case to the ISC Recognition Committee for consideration.

  • The Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis, will consider the case and make its recommendation to the Board of the ISC.

  • The ISC Board will decide on the matter and make a final decision.

  • The ISC will notify the applicant on the outcome of the Board decision. If the application is unsuccessful the applicant will have the right to appeal.

  • The ISC will publish, annually, the list of recognised NGBs.

  • The ISC reserves the right to withdraw recognition to a NGB should it fall into disrepute and demonstrate non compliance with the NGB criteria. The process for withdrawal of recognition is set out in Section 3.

  • It should be noted that recognition by the ISC of an NGB does not automatically confer the right to be allocated ISC funding. ISC funding will be invested to support NGBs in line with the ISC's strategic priorities.

References to NGB / NGBs within this document are for ease of reference only and does not confer or imply that the ISC recognises the status of the applicant body as the National Governing Body for its sport.